A successful build is rarely the result of a solo effort; it's a collaborative venture involving an amalgam of trades and products, which if employed correctly, will achieve the structural aim.

Longstone Development

The benefits of taking a team approach to on-site working is borne out by the superb development at the Green in Longstone, which is situated a 15-minute car journey from Edinburgh’s historic city centre. One of four huge housing schemes that have recently been carried out in the Scottish capital, the 66-home Longstone project is run by Places for People; a developer committed to building inclusive housing schemes which allowcommunities to thrive. To engender a similar sense of camaraderie amongst trades working on its Edinburgh developments, the company launched the Places for People Contractor Award to commemorate workmanship demonstrating the highest consideration to issues such as health and safety, client relationships, achieving deadlines and meeting attendance.

For the Longstone project, a mix of one, two and three bedrooms for rent and low cost homes ownership, the Places for People Contractor Award was presented to McConnell Roofing. Its on-site team had been impeccable in its installation of the buildings’ high-performance waterproof roof solution: Sika-Trocal’s light-grey Type ‘S’ mechanically-fixed membrane. The system, which carries a 25-year guarantee, included a layer of Sika-Trocal’s foil-faced insulation board, Innofix; a high-performance rigid thermoset polyisocyanurate (PIR). The Type ‘S’ system’s adaptability to roof applications of all size and complexity meant installers were able to meet the client’s strict project deadline, thus fulfilling one of the award’s main criteria.

Good companions

Work on the Longstone development began in 2017, with workmanship being rated on a points system throughout 2018 in order to decide an award winner. Two roofers from McConnell’s - Kevin Michael and Scott Barrowman – were presented with the honour at a ceremony held in Edinburgh earlier this year.  And well deserved it was, too. No matter how good the product or material - and let’s face it, for a roofer, the Type ‘S’ system is as good as it gets in terms of waterproof membrane -  if the contractor’s installation skills are lacking, roofing failure is a likely outcome. However, match a high-quality membrane with a suitably adept installer such as McConnell Roofing, a member of Sika’s approved licensed contractor scheme, the result is a premier-specification roof finish as displayed at the Longstone project.

If Places for People rolls-out its contractor awards to include projects nationwide, it could see it established as a revered industry accolade. Such initiatives must be welcomed, as should any practice that highlights quality building. How delightful then that McConnell’s, a Sika-approved contractor, should be the recipient of the inaugural Places for People award. Congratulations to all those involved for a superb team effort, and here’s to future - joint - success.