Richard Pitman said he is ‘aiming for greatness’ following his appointment as Sika-Trocal’s National Sales Manager. Richard, 43, who took-up the position on July 2nd, leads a team of seven Area Technical Managers who cover the length and breadth of the country finding roofs to cover in Trocal membrane. He joins Sika having held senior sales positions at various blue-chip companies including Zip Water, the Hydrotap manufacturers.



He said: “I'm a firm believer that if you look after the people within your team, the sales figures will look after themselves. I’m setting my stall out nice and early – I’m aiming to lead this team to greatness.”


Richard, who originates from South Africa, but has lived in England for the past 18 years, said his current role involves ‘spending several days per week in the field with my team, meeting clients and contractors’.


In outlining his blueprint for success, he said: “I want to get everyone performing as a team by supporting them and removing the roadblocks from their day to allow them to be the best salespeople they can be. Everyone’s feeling energised and everyone I speak to tells me what a good team I have. My vision is to have everyone, directly or indirectly involved with Sika-Trocal, wanting to be part of our team. When that happens, I’ll know we’re heading in the right direction.


Hopefully even those not currently involved will want to be a part of our team. When that happens, I’ll know we’re heading in the right direction.”