In order to ensure the maximum working life for Sika-Trocal membranes it is necessary to separate them from contact with incompatible materials, and to protect them from rough surfaces.

Most materials manufactured from hydrocarbons are likely to create an adverse reaction if placed in direct contact with either the upper surface or underside of Sika-Trocal membranes. Typically this list includes such products as;

  • Bitumen (felt, liquids and repair treatments)
  • Asphalt
  • Liquid bitumen
  • Bitumen based roof treatments
  • Liquid applied roofing materials
  • Fibre glass
  • Unfaced polyurethane
  • Paints of any type
  • Solvents, cooking oils and fats
  • Other single ply membranes
  • Rubber based materials
  • Certain mastic sealants

None of the listed products should ever be applied directly to the membranes themselves, however it is possible in the case of roof refurbishment projects to overlay bituminous based products by first installing a separating layer, usually either Sika-Trocal Type A fleece (in the case of Bitumen products use Type T), SBv or a suitable insulation board.