Ware, United Kingdom

Sika-Trocal supplied the waterproof solution for a multiple roof installationat a high-end care home development which was stunning in appearance,performance and complexity.

Flat Roof Project Requirements

Sika-Trocal supplied the waterproof solution for a roof and multi-balcony development designed for the long-term care of people with dementia. Snowdrop House is a 72-home new-build complex in Ware, Hertfordshire. Opened in  September 2017, it provides specialist, residential and nursing care for people living with dementia. The building features a 1,260m2 mainroof and 10 terraced balconies, each of which required a proven, weathertight system capable of being adapted to the demands of a large and challenging project. Sika-Trocal had the ideal solution to suit each requirement.

Sika-Trocal Solutions

Contractor, K and S Construction, was selected to carry out the care home’s roof installation. Time was of the essence, as the team were given an eight-week deadline to complete the project and secure the building’s weather tightness to allow internal works to commence. The three-storey home’s main flat roof featured a 10-degree pitch. This presented a challenging design with which to complete a number of intricate details such as flashing around lift and dormer projections, parapets and box guttering at the roof’s base. Sika-Trocal® SGK fully-adhered membrane provided the roof’s quick-and-easy main covering. Capable of incorporating roofing details large or small, the system offers a long-term guarantee against water ingress whilst providing buildings with a uniform, aesthetically-pleasing finish.

To create the roof’s standing seam-effect, Sika-Trocal® SE profile – anextruded, semi-flexible, PVC profile – was welded to the surface of the2.4mm thick, slate grey-coloured SGK mem-brane. Sika-Trocal® S-VAP 500E (vapour control layer) was also installed. For the balconies, the built-up system included tapered insulation and Sika-Trocal® SGmA ballasted roof waterproofing membrane. The system comprises ballast surface protection, a multi-layer, synthetic roof waterproofing covering, foam board insulation and a vapour control layer. This provides a stronger supporting structure that allows a roof to be usedas a trafficked area, whilst adding an aesthetically-pleasing finish on roofing areas more visible at ground level. Sika-Trocal® SBV provided the balconies’ protection and separation layer. Stuart Marris, Director at K and S Construction, said: “This was a challenging application, which Sika’s quality, rapid-fit membranes ensured we completed without issue. The systems look as good as they perform, adding to the building’s aesthetic to create a welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.”

Despite the project’s size and complexity, K and S Construction completed the roof and multi-balcony installation ahead of the client’s stricteight-week deadline. It meant interior works were able to commence onschedule, which in-turn ensured the care home opened on the designated date. Sika-Trocal’s peerless waterproof systems played a significant role in determining the project’s smooth progress, as well guaranteeing this magnificent care facility remains protected against the elements for the long-term comfort and wellbeing of its vulnerable residents.

Products Used


Sika-Trocal Type SGK

Sika-Trocal SE Profile

Sika-Trocal SGmA

SVap 500E

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