Northampton, United Kingdom

Sika-Trocal supplied the waterproof solution for a multiple roof installationat a high-end care home development which was stunning in appearance,performance and complexity.

Flat Roof Project Requirements

The Hawthorns is a new, all-inclusive, luxury retirement complex designedto encourage activity and independence in its residents. The four-storeybuilding located in Northampton is an exemplar in style and practically, hencethe need for a high-quality roof which enhanced the property’s aestheticsand offered optimum, long-term waterproof protection. In order to achievethis, contractors, Ithaca Roofing, installed Sika-Trocal’s Type ‘S’ systemto the building’s two main roofs which covered a 2,300m2 area. Aided bythe membrane’s light, easy-handling ability, installers worked quickly andconcisely to minimise disruption to other nearby trades and avoid projectdelays. This required implementing the highest safety standards to eliminatethe potential for on-site injury. Initial waterproofing works involved theinstallation of “loose laid” Sika-Trocal® S-VAP 500E, a vapour control layerbased on Polyethylene, to the building’s substrate.

Sika-Trocal Solutions

As well as installing waterproofing to the roof’s main body, Ithaca fittedits 1.5-metre parapets. This presented a challenge, as each huge sectionhad to fit precisely in order to create a crisp, uniform finish to the building’sedges. A man-safe rail was also installed to ensure future roof inspections ormaintenance can be carried out without incident.The project’s complexity was enhanced with the inclusion of six balconies,two terraces and a car park podium. Each required a high-quality waterproofsystem in the form of Sika-Trocal® SGmA, ballasted roof waterproofing membrane build-up and paving finish.

Matt Jordan, Director at Ithaca Roofing, said: “The retirement complex is asuperb, high-end development. It therefore required a quality waterproofroof system to match. With its easy-handling ability and well-foundedreputation for offering long-term weathertight protection, Sika-Trocal’s Type‘S’ system proved the ideal solution for this project. Our installation teamenjoyed working with this excellent system; our clients are delighted with itslook and performance.”In total, 3,000m2 of waterproof roofing was installed during the Hawthornsproject. The installation - despite its complexity - was competed ahead of the client’s deadline; with Ithaca’s workmanship, combined with thequality of the Sika products used, ensuring the retirement complexopened on schedule in summer 2018.

Products Used


Sika-Trocal Type S 

Sika-Trocal Type SGmA

Sika-Trocal SVap 500E

Project Participants

Specialist Contractor
Ithaca Roofing

Sika Organization