Ealing, United Kingdom

Sika-Trocal provided the intricate profiling to enhance the character of a new church roof.

Flat Roof Project Requirements

The International Presbyterian Church (IPC) site occupies a small, GradeII-listed chapel in Ealing west London. Adjacent ancillary buildings were demolished to make way for the new church building which connects to the chapel. To create architectural uniformity across the church’s roof at it speaks and valleys, crisp points and lines were introduced. This was achieve dusing complex Sika-Trocal detailing. Licensed contractors Ithaca Roofing carried out the IPC roof installation. Its substrate comprised panels of 150mm thick CLT timber which sat within the steel frames and doubled-up as the finished ceiling material. A total of 300mm of PIR insulation was mechanically-fixed, carrying the insulation over protruding steels and downwards towards lighter boxes and cables within the build-up. Whilst doing this, Ithaca Roofing installers needed to ensure the insulation was structurally sound and in-keeping with the shape of the building’s angles beneath.

Sika-Trocal Solutions

It was also necessary to create the heights required to achieve perimeter internal Sika-Trocal gutters. Sika-Trocal laminated metal sheets were measured on site and profiled to the exact degree of each individual slope. This ensured the roof area was at the same angle and height of the zinc effect perimeter trim located over the brickwork edge, continuing across the roofline. To secure the Sika-Trocal metal gutter detail in place without blowing the brickwork, installers secured 18mm ply to the inner skin and affixed a galvanised angle in line with the gutter tray. Sika-bond was used on the perimeter edge to the brick work below the pressed, welted down stand. The one piece Sika-Trocal metal was fixed to the roof area before it could be waterproofed. This was the only way to secure each 3 metre gutter tray around the perimeter.

Matt Jordan at Ithaca Roofing said: “This project presented a number of challenges for our installers from a design and build aspect. Installers needed to spend a lot of time on each section to ensure details were completed as envisaged by the architect. In style and performance Sika-Trocal SGK was the ideal product for the project, It showcased the material perfectly.”

Ithaca Roofing’s experienced team was required to work on the roof’s pitches for up to two months. Members put their collective efforts into ensuring the completed roof was of the highest quality. Sika-Trocal sheets were lifted and glued into place with the laps ending where the décor strip would be fitted to eliminate the appearance of unsightly lines. This element of the project merited a ‘Highly Commended for Best Detailing’ accolade at this year’sSPRA Awards; a revered industry tribute to the product and the contractor.

Thanks in part to Sika-Trocal’s smart, adaptable detailing, the resulting scheme maximised the flexibility and usefulness of the building whilst creating a series of beautiful, uplifting spaces appropriate to the building’s chief function.

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Sika-Trocal Type SGK

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