Luton, United Kingdom

Sika supplied a smart, waterproof roof system for the guaranteed protectionof a new secondary school building.

Flat Roof Project Requirements

Stockwood Park Academy in Luton received local authority backing to extend its facilities with the construction of a two-storey block designedto accommodate an additional 300 Year 7-to-11 students. Luton Borough Council appointed Watson & Cox Construction as main contractor to carryout the project, with Guaranteed Roofing Solutions selected to install theacademy’s watertight roof.

The comfort and wellbeing of students is paramount, their quality of learning depends on it. Therefore, the specification of a roof system which protected the building against the potential for damage resulting from the long-term effects of water and damp ingress was critical. Sika-Trocal’s Type ‘S’ system, renowned for its durability as well as its flexible qualities, was viewed as the ideal solution.

Sika-Trocal Solutions

Roof installation work on the new academy building began in October 2018. The Type ‘S’ system, which guarantees a watertight performance across roofs regardless of size or complexity, was required to cover a 750m2 surface area across Stockwood Park’s new building. The homogenous, single-ply, mechanically-fastened membrane was affixed to the building’s decking using Sika-Trocal’s unique laminated metal discs. The waterproofing system was augmented by Sika-Trocal INNOfix, a high performance, foil-faced tapered insulation. Sika’s S-Vap 500E provided the non-decaying, unsupported, vapour control layer.

With roof installation work taking place in winter, the new building needed to be weathertight as quickly as possible in order to protect the structure’s interior elements. Thanks to the ease with which the Type ‘S’ membrane is able to accommodate roofing details varying in complexity, the application was comfortably completed within the required time frame.Ben Kipley, Director at Guaranteed Roofing Solutions, said: “The Type ‘S’system’s flexibility was crucial to us meeting the required deadline and making the building weathertight in the shortest possible time. As well as being a great performer, it really is a fantastic system to work with. ”Waterproofing work on the Stockwood Park Academy was completed in January 2019. With the system’s performance carrying a 20-year guarantee, it means the school has not only been supplied with a superbly-smart, watertight roof, the work has been long-term future-proofed for the peace of mind of the client and the incoming students.

Products Used


Sika-Trocal Type S