Sika® Trocal C-200

Adhesive for Insulation Boards.

Polyurethane-based humidity-hardening one-pack adhesive.

Adheres to solid, clean and dry or slightly moist surfaces Suitable insulation boards with approval from the manafacturer: -    PIR insulation boards (mineral faced) -    Polystyrene (EPS) -    Mineral fibre boards with sufficient compressive strength and appropriate surface for bonding Suitable substrates: -    S-Vap 5000E SA and S-Vap HD SA -    Concrete, lightweight concrete -    Oriented strand boards (OSB), plywood panels, timber boards -    Mineral or sand-surfaced/aged bitumen -    Galvanized or coated steel and zinc metal Primer 610/600 may be required in some instances this must be established by an adhesion test prior to installation Application: directly out of container with nozzle, curing depends on humidity and temperature.