Choosing a Sika®RoofLite provides assurance of quality craftsmanship and the security of dealing with an established company with over 50 years’ industry experience, full technical support from product selection through to installation, and complete after-sales back up.

It also means that each Sika®RoofLite rooflight has been developed by an in-house R&D team, to deliver exceptional functionality, guaranteed
performance, and contemporary design. And, to ensure that excellent design translates to an excellent product every-time, each Sika®RoofLite is manufactured in the UK in environmental and quality accredited facilities and backed by comprehensive guarantees.

Sika®RoofLite rooflights are manufactured to the following industry standards:

  •  Class B non-fragility, in accordance with ACR[M]001:2005,
    providing safe, robust products, which are resilient to impact and
    accidental damage
  • A thermal performance well in excess of the requirements of
    Part L of the Building Regulations, for a more thermally efficient
    building, lower carbon emissions, and a positive contribution to
    BREEAM ratings, especially when combined with artificial lighting
  • To comply with the requirements of BS EN 1873:2005, ensuring
    reliable all-weather performance
  • The fire requirements as set out in the UK Building Regulations
  • Ventilation meets the requirements of BS EN 13141 Part 1 2004,
    for air flow, air leakage and weather tightness. A range of options,
    including both background and purge ventilation, can assist
    in satisfying the requirements of Part F as set out in the UK
    Building Regulations
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001