S-Vap 5000 E SA

S-Vap 5000E SA is a multi-layer self-adhesive vapour control layer and carrier membrane made of polymer modified bitumen with a glass-fibre mat reinforcement and an aluminium foil as top layer.

Ease and speed of installation, due to self-adhesive property of back layer and
its specific weight.
Can be used in a totally adhered roof build-up. No additional fasteners required
for securing the thermal insulation boards to the structural deck.
Can be used as temporary waterproof layer for up to 4 weeks, as a top layer
without the need for additional weight/ballast and/or mechanical fastening.

Due to its high adhesion strength can withstand high wind loads; design load
between 2.4 kN/m2 to 2.8 kN/m2.
High adhesion/bonding strength leading to an air tight roof construction.
High tearing resistance under foot traffic makes it ideal for use on profiled
metal decks.
High water vapour resistance makes it suitable in combination with all
Wide application range, in regard to use in different system applications and/or
in combination with different structural deck types, substrates.
Improved fire resistance achieved by added flame-retardant.
Can be bonded on roof slopes and up vertical abutments.