The majority of Sika-Trocal single ply membrane roofs are mechanically fastened by the use of a unique laminated metal disc that is solvent welded to the underside of the membrane. Unlike many other manufacturers, Sika-Trocal supplies fasteners but does not insist on their use; our policy is to ensure that a range of suitable quality fasteners and support services are available for our Licensed Contractors to choose from.

1. General

  • Suppliers must be based in Great Britain with staffed offices and warehousing.
  • Suppliers must demonstrate that they have sufficient qualified staff to provide commercial and technical support to Sika-Trocal Licensed Contractors.
  • The supplier to submit details of their business policy, and any supporting professional indemnity, relating to the provision of any design advice to Sika-Trocal Licensed Contractors (SPRA Membership requirement upon Sika-Trocal). 
  • The supplier to submit details of their guarantee(s) on fasteners, tubes and any other components supplied to Sika-Trocal, including any undertakings given by their parent company.

2. Product Range

  • Due to the thickness of thermal insulation required under Building Regulations Part L it will be necessary for any supplier to have a range of plastic tube fastener sets suitable for use with the Sika-Trocal laminated metal disc available. Sika-Trocal laminated metal discs are pre-punched to suit the individual fastener manufacturer’s offerings; it would save tooling costs and stocking complexity if any tubes used were able to match or utilise the existing designs. 
  • Suppliers will need to be able to deliver a full range of plastic tube fastener sets for the various substrates that are to be found in both new build and refurbishment situations.
  • Thermally broken in seam pressure plate fasteners are sometimes specifically required for some projects.

3. Testing

  • Wind uplift testing must be carried out to UEAtc standards using the following roof construction:
  • 0.7 mm thick trapezoidal profiled galvanised steel deck of a type normally used in Great Britain.The most typical deck being Corus D35.
  • 100 mm thick aluminium foil faced PIR thermal insulation board. The most typical insulation being Kingspan TR26.
  • Sika-Trocal S membrane 1.5 mm thick mechanically fastened with Sika-Trocal metal discs.
  • Fastener pattern has to be agreed with Sika-Trocal prior to commencement of testing. The results must offer a minimum design load of 0.4 kN per fastener after correction factors have been applied. The benchmark is the BRE Tempest wind uplift test machine but results from other recognised test bodies within the EU will be acceptable.
  • Plastic tube components for use in thermally broken fastener sets to be tested in accordance with ETAG 006 for cold temperature flex after ageing after one hour immersed in Sika-Trocal THF solvent. Plastic tube sets require a plug that seals top of the tube to prevent liquids entering it during installation. Profile to be flat and manufactured from a material compatible with the Sika-Trocal S membrane.
  • All carbon steel fastener components must be tested in accordance with ETAG 006 class 2 standards in a Kesternich cabinet using a 2 litre sulphur dioxide solution as specified. 15/15 Standard to be met.
  • As a QA procedure, Sika-Trocal will randomly collect fastener samples from sitess for independent quality testing. This will be carried out annually with the cost to be met by the supplier.