When installing ballasted roofing systems, green roofing systems or casting concrete pads on Sika-Trocal membranes a protection sheet must be installed to protect the membrane.

Sika-Trocal offer different types of protection sheet, where none of these is suitable any alternative protection sheet must be checked for compatibility with the Sika-Trocal membrane and the layers above it, as must its ability to provide the required level of drainage, where appropriate.

S-Felt T

S-Felt T 300 is a separation, levelling and protection layer made of polyester (PES).

Sika-Trocal SBv

Sika-Trocal SBv is a protection and separation layer made of polyester (PES) fleece with a PVC-P coating on one side. The fleece free edge is 5–15 mm wide.